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Dean's Message

Dear Students,

Our faculty, which is among the first nursing education institutions in our country, has graduated many graduates in undergraduate and postgraduate fields by adopting a world-class and innovative education approach with its experienced and well-established staff. On national and international platforms, our graduates can work in various institutions that include the nursing profession and are preferred.

Our faculty has been an accredited institution since 2018, and the quality of our training and all kinds of actions is guaranteed. In order to provide a world-class education to our students, simulation applications have taken place in our education curriculum since 2012. We continue to work on developing artificial intelligence and augmented reality applications and adding them to our curriculum in order to serve our students with the educational infrastructure required by the digital age.

Our faculty, of which you will be a member, will contribute to the development of your vision regarding the world and health, as well as providing professional knowledge and skills.

As the Hacettepe family, we would be pleased to see you among us.

Prof. Leyla OZDEMIR    

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing