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Mission and Vision

The aim of the faculty is to train professional nurses who will be sensitive to all kinds of developments and changes that can affect human and human health in daily life and will consider these when providing health care, can determine the nursing care needs of healthy or sick individuals in any environment, plan, implement and evaluate the nursing care necessary to meet these requirements at the level of professional standards, and can perform their roles and functions as an effective member of the health team and can take part in nursing education, management and research, and will take into consideration the principles of professional ethics while fulfilling all these.

Mission and Vision of the Faculty 


Our mission is to train and graduate nurses, educated with science and technology-based approaches,  focus on protection, promotion, and maintain the health of the individual, family, and society, perform care, education, research, management, and leadership roles actively and effectively.


Our vision is to be an international leading nursing education institution and an institution where students, staff, and graduates proud to be a member.

Update: 2022