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  1. US:ESDCCN "The Use of Simulation: An Educational Strategy for Developing Students' Clinical Competence" Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project
  2. Electronic Publication of Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Journal
  3. Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department Child Health and Diseases Nursing Department Simulation Laboratory Scientific Research Infrastructure Project
  4. The Effect of Psychological Problems Experienced by Infertile Couples and Cotinine Levels in Follicular Fluid/Seminal Plasma on Success Rate of Assisted Reproductive Techniques
  5. Home Care Model for Geriatric Patients and Education Team Project
  6. Identification of Care Problems in Nursing Homes and Elderly Care Rehabilitation Centers in Turkey and Burnout Levels of Nurses: Profile Study
  7. Strengthening the Practice Skills of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Course
  8. An Applied Research on Raising Health and Social Psychological Awareness to Sincan-Saraycik Women on the Poverty Border in Ankara
  9. Determining the Knowledge of Future Academic Nurses on Research Ethics
  10. Enhancement of Fundamentals of Nursing Department Laboratories
  11. The Effect of Group Counseling on Patients with Breast Cancer on Coping Styles and Problem Solving Skills
  12. Strengthening Family Planning Education Project
  13. Use of Information Technologies in Nursing Education-Distance Education and Wallless Classroom Project
  14. Evaluation of Postplacental and Early Postpartum IUD Applications and Postpuerperal IUD Applications in Terms of Efficiency and Complications
    Development of Home Care Services for Bedridden Patients
  15. Substance Abuse Prevention Education Evaluation Project
  16. Training of Teachers on First Aid