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Fundamentals of Nursing
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The Fundamentals of Nursing Department has been established according to the 27th November 1990 Executive decision of the Turkish Higher Council.

Fundamentals of Nursing Department has a scientific basis for nursing education as it provides the essence for other nursing professional courses and distinguishes nursing from other health disciplines. Thus, Fundamentals of Nursing has a large and rich inquiry field. This department is responsible for conducting HEM106 Fundamentals of Nursing, HEM329 Nursing History and Deontology and HEM347 Forensic Nursing courses within the baccalaureate program of nursing faculty.

The graduate programs of nursing had been re-constructed according to the decision of Institute of Health Sciences in 2 October 1998, which also enabled to establish graduate programs of Fundamentals of Nursing Department along with other graduate programs of nursing departments. In order to be appointed as an associate professor graduates of Fundamentals of Nursing doctorate program and Nursing Management doctorate program have to apply Fundamentals and Management of Nursing, which is specified with the code of 1032.6 under the Health Sciences Basic Fields defined by the Turkish Inter-University Board. To provide a common PhD program for graduates of both of the two graduate programmes that can also prepare the graduates for academic career, Fundamentals and Management Nursing Integrated Doctorate Program has been offered following the 26.06.2012 decision of Turkish Higher Education Council. In this respect, the Fundamentals of Nursing Department has “Fundamentals of Nursing Master Program”, “Fundamentals of Nursing Doctorate Program”, and “Fundamentals and Management Nursing Integrated Doctorate Program” under the Institute of Health Sciences.