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Prof. Leyla DINC

Faculty (Fundamentals of Nursing - Head of Fundamentals of Nursing Department)


Tel: 0312 305 15 80


Leyla Dinç has graduated from Hacettepe University School of Nursing in 1986. She received the degree of ‘Masters of Science in Nursing' in 1993, and ‘Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing' in 1997 from Hacettepe University Institute of Health Sciences. She appointed as an assistant professor in 1998, associate professor in 2005, and professor in 2013.   In 2010, she completed the Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics Program, which is coordinated within the context of European Union by Leuven Catholic University (Belgium), Radboud University (Netherland) and Padova University (Italy). Her main interests include nursing care, nursing education, and ethics. Since 2013, she is the chair of Fundamentals of Nursing Department.

Selected Publications:

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