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Nursing Management Department is one of the eight departments, has been established by a Higher Education Council’s Executive Board Decision dated November 27, 1990.

Prof. Gülten Uyer (retired) had been head of the department for a long time. With Prof. Uyer’s advocacy Res. Assist. Süheyla Abaan was trained in Royal College of London in Nursing Services Administration Programme by British Council scholarship in United Kingdom for the Department. Currently, Assoc. Prof. Süheyla Abaan is the head of the department.

Nursing Management Department offers following courses in English in the undergraduate program. This department is responsible for conducting HEM 258 Critical Thinking for Nurses, HEM 366 Nursing and Leadership Process, HEM 423 Education in Nursing, HEM 422 Nursing Services Administration, HEM 435 Quality and Patient Safety courses within the baccalaureate program of nursing faculty.

Nursing Management Department offers Master of Science in Nursing Services Administration. Department had been pioneer to start such degree in Turkey in 1982.

The Master of Science Program in Nursing Management aims to educate researchers, educators, and leaders who will manage nursing and health services with the focus of improving productivity and quality. Graduates can take the role as mid and high level nurse managers in primary, secondary and tertiary settings of health care facilities as well as teaching positions in universities and conduct studies for evidence-based practice.

At the same time, the Nursing Management Department offers "Fundamentals and Management Nursing Integrated Doctorate Program" with the Fundamentals of Nursing Department.