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Public Health Nursing Department has been established by a Higher Education Council’s Executive Board Decision dated November 27, 1990 with other related departments. During Public Health Nursing Department education the main purpose is to give the consolidative approach between patients and society to the students, and differentiates the nursing from other medical occupations. This discipline has a wide and rich study area. Under Public Health Nursing Department the courses of Public Health Nursing, Research in Nursing, Contagious Disease and Epidemiology are offered. In accordance with the Institute Council Decision of Hacettepe Health Sciences Institute dated October 2, 1998, the graduate programs of nursing have been restructured and Public Health Nursing graduate and undergraduate programs have been opened. In 1998, within the purpose of educating Public Health Nursing experts who has the universal scientific qualifications Public Health Nursing Graduate program has been established, also within the purpose of educating doctor who are able to develop education programs regarding Public Health Sciences, the Doctorate program has been established.