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Assoc. Prof. Senay GUL

Faculty (Fundamentals of Nursing)

E.mail: senay.gul@hacettepe.edu.tr

Phone: +90312 305 15 80 / 150

Gul was born in Ankara in 1982 and completed her primary, secondary, and high school education in Ankara. She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Health Science, Department of Nursing in 2009. Gül worked as an anesthesia nurse between 2004-2005 in a private hospital, in between 2005-2007 at Karadeniz Technical University Farabi Hospital, between 2007-2013 at Gazi University Hospital. She completed her master's education in 2011 at Gazi University and doctoral education in 2016 at Hacettepe University. After graduation, she worked as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing in 2016-2017. Gul is still working as associate professor in the Department of Fundamentals of Nursing. Moreover, she has a Ph.D. degree in Ankara University Medical School, Department of Medical History and Ethics. She is married and has two children.

Master thesis: Effect of fluid Filled Support Surface Utilization on Prevention of Pressure ulcer (advisor: Prof, Ayişe KARADAĞ)

Ph.D. Dissertation: An analyses of the concept of care: exemaning nurses’ and patients’ perceptions about the concept of care (Advisor: Prof. Leyla DİNÇ)

Selected Publications:

  • Gül, Ş., & Kılıç, S. T. (2021). Determining anxiety levels and related factors in operating room nurses during the COVID‐19 pandemic: A descriptive study. Journal of Nursing Management29(7), 1934-1945.
  • Gül, Ş., Bağcivan, G., & Aksu, M. (2022). Nurses’ opinions on do-not-resuscitate orders. OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying86(1), 271-283.
  • Gül, Ş., Demir Karabulut, S., Eren, H., Durmuş İskender, M., Göçmen Baykara, Z., Keles, Ş., ... & Yalim, N. Y. (2022). Nursing students’ experiences with death and terminal patients during clinical education. OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying85(3), 628-649.
  • Gul, S., Turkman, Y. E., Bakitas, M. A., & Dionne-Odom, J. N. (2019). Surrogates’ perceptions of service quality while making decisions for ICU patients. Western Journal of Nursing Research41(10), 1370-1384.
  • Koken, Z. O., Savas, H., & Gul, S. (2022). Cardiovascular nurses' experiences of working in the COVID-19 intensive care unit: A qualitative study. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 69, 103181