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Surgical Nursing
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The Surgical Nursing Master's program was founded in 1968 and Ph.D. program was founded in 1972 within Hacettepe University Institute of Health Sciences. A student who successfully completes at least 21 credit hours (120 ECTS) and thesis graduate as an MSN; who completes at least 27 credit hours (240 ECTS), proficiency exam and dissertation graduate as Ph.D. The aim of the Master's program is to train surgical nursing specialist who has achieved the universal level in the field of education and research, who has the universal qualifications of scientists, who is informed, enlightened, competent and adequate in national and international level. In addition to the Master's program, the goal of the Ph.D. program is to educate doctor of philosophy who can plan and perform research in the field of surgical nursing and who can present the obtained data for the benefit of mankind and science. 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professor, and 6 research assistants are on duty in our department. The research areas of surgical nursing includes surgical stress, wound care, fluid and electrolyte balance, asepsis, diseases requiring surgery and perioperative nursing care, surgical ethics, geriatrics, transplantation nursing, emergency care and first aid.